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Liz Hartman, MA, LPC

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Liz Hartman, MA, LPC

Say "I'm In" and allow me to assist you in your life voyage. 

I am a professional counselor with over thirty years of experience. My main focus is to create professional relationships that grant individuals, groups, and families a path towards reaching their personal life goals.

I strongly believe it is critical in my practice to provide accurate tools and new approaches that my clients can use when they leave a session with me. I incorporate various tools into my practice, for example learning how to use a mala for meditation as well as other therapeutic strategies that further assist in mind, body wellness. 

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Necklaces and Bracelets

An Amazing Meditation Tool, Energy Rejuvenator, and Manifestation Method

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Need a specific Energy, Stone, or Manifestation in Your Life?

I Create Custom Pieces! 

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