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I am Liz HartmaN

Professional Counselor, Mala Artist, and Blogger 

The Story About Me

Just the other day, I was staring at the walls in my house wondering what made me put up the pictures I did, how I came about them and why position them where I did.  Each one tells a story and each one comes from an experience I had by myself or with my husband.  My story is like that.  It has pieces and parts. It is a solo journey, but one I’ve chosen to take with others.  Some of these others have stolen my heart and will be there for my life while others popped in, taught me a lesson and just like that were gone.

Hello! My name is Liz.  This was not my given name but a nickname my mother gave me.  She shortened it early on from Elizabeth, I’m sure because at number nine rattling off a list until you got to me, Liz was probably all the air she had left in her before she passed out. 

I grew up in Denver with nine siblings and yes we were Catholic; very much so until certain events led us away from any formalized religion.  I kept my beliefs though.  I still send up a prayer when I need or feel someone else is in need. I believe in angels, living and in spirit.  I collect rosaries because of their meditative quality when the prayers are recited, plus they are beautiful and have been bought at churches wherever I have traveled.  I also collect and make mala prayer beads, I meditate, do yoga and have been certified to teach yoga; regular, Yin and SUP. 

We had many pets growing up and I had my own dog, Sport.  Having my own pet, I developed my nurturing side and came to realize I had a compassionate heart.  It was early on that my mom and grandparents made note of the fact that a quality I had was that I was empathic - could understand people at a very deep level and had an uncanny intuition about others. 

I attended a university in Colorado where my calling was realized.  After being encouraged by a roommate to select from the Human Services program, I knew I was in the right place.  Working with people was in my nature and because people who behaved outside the norm intrigued me, I studied Juvenile Delinquency.  My career of helping people began with my internship at a residential treatment facility for girls who had committed some crimes from running away to murder.  I found my niche.

My counseling career has not been fluid as it has had breaking parts due to relocating, working to help my husband build a business and raising children (I am a proud mother of four).  The desire to work with people remained a passion and regardless of where I was working it seemed to follow me.  I went back to school; yes, with four children at home, and received my Master’s in Counseling and opened a private practice shortly after graduating. 

I currently am what people have termed an “empty nester” and am quite settled in my life.  I look back and understand I have collected many experiences. Some of them were traumatic and some very rewarding.  They all have helped to mold and create the person I am.  They have also been quite useful in drawing upon a plethora of information, which I am happy to share. 

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