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Welcome to I'M IN Professional Counseling

Liz Hartman MA, LPC 

Operates Under Blue River Counseling, Inc.

Women Professional Counseling

You’ve just started thinking you might need or want to go to see a counselor or someone has suggested you would benefit from seeing a counselor. Your world feels a little unbalanced, or you’ve just been through a traumatic event. Liz Hartman MA, LPC utilizes her experience and a plethora of techniques to guide women on a path of finding balance, joy, and fulfillment. She brings different metaphorical aspects into her practice that will allow for the client to find space to explore themselves, their feelings, certain events, and how to overcome. 

Both Face-to-Face Counseling and Video Counseling are Provided for Women Counseling

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Family Professional Counseling

Liz Hartman has notable experience working in groups, especially families. She has a professional intelligence that grasps the steps in confronting certain family dynamics. The leading aspect in keeping a family unit moving forward positively is to be able to identify and grasp the feelings of each individual family member. After, those feelings are each identified we can progress with the aspects that will balance the emotions with the well-being of the family unit.  Family Counseling is a particular form of therapy that can collaborate multiple needs into one unit. 

Both Face-to-Face Counseling and Video Counseling are Provided for Women Counseling


Couples Professional Counseling

In addition to beneficial experience in family counseling, Liz Hartman has also implemented an immense amount of work on couples relationships. Making the decision with your partner to take a step into relationship counseling can be a tough one because it involves the pair to confirm that some aspects are not working in the relationship. This might cause the two individuals to question whether their issues can truly be fixed. There are a plethora of techniques that Liz Hartman uses in her practice with partners that can assist in emotional mending and a step towards feeling like a combined pair again. 

Both Face-to-Face Counseling and Video Counseling are Provided for Women Counseling


My Promise to You...

When you reach out to me, saying "I'm In" to needing the assistance of a professional counselor; I give the promise of creating a space either online or in my office that feels very safe, is extremely professional, remains completely confidential, and resides on the scale of being objective. These aspects will give the client(s) the space they need to explore. I incorporate psychologically metaphorical tools to help deepen the pathways of understanding. I also enjoy finding more elements to consider when you have left my space, such as, a Mala Practice or other wellness practices that will elevate progression. 

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