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Say, "I'm In" To Conquering this Together

So here we are – socially isolated.

We received final word that our town is one of many that will roll up its streets, close businesses, draw the shades, kick visitors out and keep residents in due to COVID-19. Our own houses will be our protective bunker for a time frame not yet determined; protecting not only us from germs running amok in every conceivable place possible but protecting others from us. The fact that we are protecting others from us even though we feel fine is something that gets debated more frequently than I like to even imagine.

While here we have choices about the use of our time. We can worry, perseverate, pace, do the “what if” dance or come up with other activities. At first, I chose worry.

I have to be honest, I am human and at one point I did digress. I played the “what if’ game that pops up as though to pay attention to my thoughts. What if this becomes more? What if I don’t see anyone or talk to those I need to? What if after not talking to family members for five years we never get to talk again?

Then I think, “What am I doing?“ So I go into recovery mode and here’s what happens.

I have a self-care check list and at the top is a question that states “what is on your mind?” And there is a big red STOP sign reminding me to do exactly that because this helps to get back to CALM. Then I get quiet. I meditate and breathe and have a mantra of gratitude. I list all that I am grateful for daily. It brings light to me right away. Today, because there was a change in daily activities I had to rethink the day. I am a creative type and like to keep busy so I found enough to make me happy. I went back to my gratitude list and thought of the wonderful opportunity to connect with my husband and home and what else I can do to utilize this gift of time and solitude.

Everything else is out of my hands.

So, here I am and here is what I have to remember and it might help you:

1. Stay present, don’t let extraneous thoughts enter my mind.

2. Practice self-care, hot shower, essential oils if you are into it, play music, create the environment you enjoy, bathe in yummy scents, light candles, pray, etc.…

3. Get physical, run, walk, do yoga to an app, ride a bike, hike, walk in place, lift weights.

4. Engage in an activity you enjoy. For instance, I like to create Malas, do crafts, draw, paint, and I like to read. Be mindful of what you read. Anxiety producing books right now that mirror the state of the world may not be the best choice.

5. Find humor. Some people are so creative and funny. Find them. Engage with them.

6. Learn something new like a language, a recipe, a craft. Check out what the internet has to offer – tour a museum, take a class, watch a POD Cast, find an inspirational speaker.

7. Connect and connect some more. The cool thing about now is that we have so many ways to connect. It is so nice to see someone’s face and hear comforting words. Do it and then do more.

Stay safe and take advantage of this time given to you.

Say, "I'm in," to conquering this trying time together.

I am here for you and for the community. I am opening up to free conversations if you need assistance during this trying time or just someone to chat with. Connect with me through email: and we will find a time to talk.

Peace, Liz

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