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Conscious Isolation ~ 03/23/2020

What if... instead of fearing this virus, perseverating over the enormity of it, questioning what would happen if you get it, playing out the worst case scenario in your head you thought about this all differently?

What if... you stopped to give thanks for the blessing of having time with family, your spouse, children, and your dog/cat? And the ability through technology to see all family and friends? Can this time be used to get to know each other better, appreciate each other more, become the teacher for your children, communicate and connect more?

What if... people who aren’t used to slowing down are utilizing this time to take in and observe their environment and find beauty all around them?

What if... we thought of mother earth and realized this is just the break needed for restoration and repair?

What if... we reflected on the consumption we have participated in, while taking advantage of all that mother earth has to offer and became aware of the changes we need to make in order for healing to take place?

What if... we became quiet and listened to our own voice? What is it trying to tell us?

What if... in the quiet of our own home we discovered not only our purpose but also our shadow side?

What if... because of time we could dissect our shadow side, ask questions, discover the basis for its existence, how it manifested, who have you hurt because of it, and why you choose to hold onto it?

What if... you learn that you choose to hold onto the victim inside you because it is easier and challenging yourself to overcome this has been fearful and thus holding you back from emerging as your true self?

What if... because you have nothing else to do you muster up the courage and look the fear in the face and moved beyond your victim, made amends, released the wounds, replaced them with honor, integrity and truth?

What if... through this you called someone, actually called them to tell them you love them or why you have missed them instead of through an impersonal message on social media or text?

What if... instead of asking if someone would have your back you asked “am I the kind of person who would have his or her back?”

What if... we are meant to learn about empathy; the ability to put ourselves in the position of another, help out, be of service, understand even though we know not what they could be experiencing?

What if... throughout this pandemic we learn we have much more in common with our fellow humans then we’ve cared to admit, where bigotry, racism, xenophobia (to name a few) are replaced by an understanding that we are all vulnerable, fallible, and all at the same risk?

What if... through this we come together as a community for one cause because we all have a role in protecting ourselves and others and come out of this with better values and behaviors for the sake of a promising future?

What if... you learned about faith because it is being tested at all levels and you find it again through your God, Spirit, meditation, on the yoga mat, nature, or with yourself?

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